04.11 (17:30) - 04.12.2021 (16:00)

Cities of the World:
Nervous Expressionism

Exhibition address
Station Gallery of Art
12/14 Grzybowska Street
00-132 Warsaw

Krzysztof Ludwin's exhibition "Cities of the world" was created as part of a series called by the Krakow artist "nervous expressionism". In the SoA gallery, we show over thirty oil works and acrylics, which are the result of his travels and observations of life in various climates.
"Cities of the world" is a mirage, seemingly trivial everyday life, built of mundane objects, not fully defined optically. We can guess the facade, windows, umbrellas, such mundane objects as a bicycle left carelessly in front of a restaurant, a fragment of a building or a house roof.

As Krzysztof Ludwin says: “There are people I met, their everyday troubles, vulgarity, romanticism, melancholy, cynicism, alcohol, coffee conversations. It is not a real and carnal reality, but rather an afterimage when you wake up. There is the roughness of city matter, energy, momentary landscapes, manipulation of light and color. It is a painting of the imagination, of a parallel reality. The images froze in moments that will not happen anymore, but which arose spontaneously, under the influence of an impulse, intuition. Expressionist forms build a mirage, look into unknown angles of architecture that the average supercooling will ignore. "
Painting is certainly the art of seeing. Analogue verbalization of extrasensory dreams in the form of colorful energies on paper or canvas. In many cases, despite seemingly immobile stains, their relations, canceling out, conquering, in contrast or harmony, give the impression of "mobility" of the plane. For the observer, an "honest" picture should be a captivating puzzle, undiscovered for a long time.