07.10 (17:30) - 30.10.2021 (16:00)

An exhibition of works by Angelika Korzeniowska:
Need to exist

Exhibition address
Station of Art Gallery
ul. Grzybowska 12/14
00-132 Warszawa

"The Need for Existence" - is the title of the latest October exhibition at the SoA gallery.
The author of 17 great works is Angelika Korzeniowska - an artist attentive to the world and changes taking place in societies.

The young painter looks at people and life with the ease of a butterfly. But the result of her observations is surprisingly realistic, even journalistic images. Reflection on everyday life is intertwined with a sense of passing away. The artist combines and mixes techniques, thanks to which her works become multidimensional and multithreaded, opening us to her worlds. She says about her work:
“For me, art is a constant dialogue between the soul and matter. A trail that leaves an ephemeral combination of emotions and events.
My art is inspired by life. I focus my attention on people, their emotions and relations with the environment.
I create micro-worlds by mixing different styles and genres of art. These worlds are autonomous and free. They have their own laws. In them, flat things coexist with spatial, geometric with biological, and classic with modern.
I believe that art is a space of unlimited creation.
It is Perspective, Mirror, Thought, Idea, Record, Emotion, Freedom, Entertainment, Subjectivity, Opinion, Observation, Sensitivity, Matter and Vibration.
By nature, morally indifferent. Exist."
In search of other forms of self-expression as an Artist, Angelika Korzeniowska creates music and literary radio plays, the so-called "Soundstory".
She writes texts for them herself - extremely poetic and at the same time extremely vital and penetrating. She also reads them herself. She composes the music herself. This is a project where he is the rudder, sailor and ship. You can get the impression that by combining painting and this kind of musical expression, Angelika Korzeniowska wants to say: “Hello! I am here, I keep my feet on the ground, I see and document, but my head is in the clouds, in my Cosmos ”.
Angelika Korzeniowska and her "Soundstory" will be hosted at this year's Warsaw off Art - on her behalf, we invite you to Elektrownia Powiśle.
And the exhibition of paintings "The Need for Existence" with the musical setting "Soundstory" is open from 07.10 2021 - 30.10.2021 in our SoA gallery on Grzybowska Street. Welcome!

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