Krzysztof Ludwin
Sicily and lemons, 2021

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120 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas

Sicily and lemons

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About the author

Krzysztof Ludwin, painter, architect, academic teacher Dr. arch. Prof. PK.
Born in Krakow, Krakow. Studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology (1981-1987), and at the Faculty of Industrial Forms of the Academy of Fine Arts (1987-1988). He deals with easel painting, specializing in watercolors. Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. Creator and founding member of SAP (Polish Watercolor Association). In 2011, PWN publishes a textbook from the series: Learn from Polish Masters, entitled "Learning to paint with watercolor". Participant of numerous exhibitions and painting plein-airs.

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Important exhibitions in addition to these 3,700:
1990 December - Krakow: exhibition of watercolors at the "Strawberry Fields" Gallery organized by the International Society of Artist and Connoisseurs - "Beyond Eighties";
2002 December - Tarnowskie Góry: The Gardener's House, promotion of the album "Krakow in watercolors" with an exhibition of watercolors that make up the album;
2003 January - Krakow: Zosia Weiss Gallery Nowina Konopka, promotion of the album "Krakow in watercolors" with an exhibition of watercolors that make up the album;
2003 February - Krakow: exhibition of one painting from the series "straight from the studio", entitled "Autumn on the boulevards" at the Hotel Polski Pod Bialym Orlem Gallery;
2006 December - Krakow: exhibition at the Lamella Gallery, Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury;
2006 Zakopane: exhibition of large-format watercolors at the Stara Polana Gallery;
2006 December - Głogówek: exhibition "From the briefcase", Galeria Styl, Głogówek, Rynek 2.
2007 December - Bielsko Biała: exhibition at the "proArte" Gallery, Main Market Square;
2009 Nowy Sącz: BWA, "Observations, Reflections, Conclusions" exhibition;
2010 December - Krakow: exhibition at the Culture Center Of Norwida, Nowa Huta, Fri. "The world in watercolor, unveiling 202";
2010 Bielsko Biała: The Sułkowski Museum, exhibition of watercolors "From the Journey" - the museum accepts one of the works to the state of possession;
2011 March - Częstochowa: exhibition at Off Art Gallery, Częstochowa;
2011 April - Rzeszów: BWA Rzeszów, "The world in watercolor" exhibition;
2012 April - Mielec: Local Government Cultural Center, exhibition of architectural paintings, "The world in watercolors";
2013 December - Strzelce Opolskie: the Three Pillars Gallery exhibition at the Strzelce Cultural Center, theme: "Watercolors from a journey";
2014 January - Myślenice: exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery at MOSiK, topic: "Painter on the go";
2014 August - Rzeszów: an exhibition from the series "77 Corporate Meetings with Art" entitled "Reflections on color in architecture";
2015 February - Radom: exhibition Fri. Color in Architecture - Considerations, Powszechny Theater, Mozaika Gallery;
2015 December - Kielce: exhibition at the "Tower of Art" gallery, Theme: Architecture;
2016 February - Krakow: exhibition at the ZPAP Gallery, Fri. "Color Experiments";
2016 March - Wrocław: exhibition at the Temporary Gallery of the University of Life Sciences, entitled "Sicilian Cycle";
2016 August / September - Zakopane: exhibition at the Museum of the Zakopane Style, Willa Koliba, entitled "Colors of Podhale".
2018 - Nervous Expressionism - Krzysztof Ludwin at the Art in House Auction House at 107 Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw.
2018 - Nervous expressionism by Kristof Ludwin, Galeria Hotel Mazurkas, Ożarów Mazowiecki
2018 - "The world seen with watercolors" - individual exhibition with a watercolor painting show, at the Blue Hotel in Krakow
2020 - "Changeability of mood" - An exhibition of the works of Krzysztof Ludwin at the Regional Museum in Radomsko

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