Ireneusz Jankowski


Painter, educator, cultural animator. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art. Awarded with many educational awards, incl. medal of the National Education Commission. For many years he has been involved in cultural education, he cooperates, among others, with with the Mazovian Cultural Institute in Warsaw. He has participated in many collective exhibitions, art fairs, open-air events, actions and artistic workshops in Poland and abroad. In recent years, the artist has used various artistic elements in his works, creating specific abstract images derived from the synthesis of the landscape using his own technique.

Individual exhibitions:
1989 - SPTPAP Galeria "Młynarska" - Warsaw
1990 - City Gallery, Sulęczyno
2005 - Galeria 34 - Warsaw
2014- City Museum of the city of Korcula - Croatia
2015 - U Gallery; DK Stokłosy - Warsaw
2015 - Elektor Gallery - Mazowiecki Institute of Culture - Warsaw
2016 - ICC Gallery - Płońsk
2017 - Stairs Gallery - Warsaw
2017 - Galeria Ostrołęka - "Przetworzenia" - OCK, Ostrołęka
2019 - Galeria na Smolnej 9 - art compositions "Fun with form" DKŚ - Warsaw
2020 - MKK DKŚ "Perception of the world" - Warsaw

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