About us

Manifesto SoA

We support and love all art as long as it enthralls and enraptures us.
We respect Artists – our prices are the acknowledgment of their hard work.
We wish to be an oasis for artists as well as connoisseurs, collectors, and designers.
All art lovers are always welcome in our gallery.
We guarantee the comfort and security of viewing and purchasing works of art.

We are not afraid of challenges
We are not afraid of new trends
We are not afraid of art that is Controversial

As there is never enough good art.
Relishing in art and making sure it is near you gives us a second life – spiritual life.

The field in which we operate covers fine arts and other visual disciplines - design, photography, performance.

Station of Art gallery

SoA is a modern Gallery located in the very heart of Warsaw at ul. Grzybowska 12/14 in immediate vicinity of business centre, the Radisson hotel, and Grzybowski square.
SoA is a platform for the vigorously developing market of young art. We operate both as a brick-and-mortar and an online gallery. We represent artists who already have not only their artistic output, but also investment potential. It is a team of conscious artists engaged in eco-trends and charity activities reflecting their worldview and value system.

In SoA we

— sell both online and offline
— offer art leasing for business
— offer art leasing for advertising, film, and theatre productions
— provide services - digitalization, framing, renovation
— rent the space for special events

We address our offer to art collectors, art lovers, artists, investors, interior decorators as well as the world of advertising, film, and theatre.

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